In view of demographic change and an ageing population, medical technology is an extremely dynamic industry. Medical devices are becoming increasingly functional and customised. Safe materials that fulfil these high requirements are needed in their manufacture. EuropTec specialises in the development and manufacture of high-quality components and assemblies for use throughout the medical technology sector. Areas of application include diagnostics, dialysis, endoscopy, surgery, traumatology and dental medicine. We work in accordance with the internationally recognised medical technology standard ISO 13'485 and are also registered with the FDA.

Especially the machining of medical plastics and fibre composites for the production of medical components and assemblies requires extensive expertise and perfect process sequences. Our many years of experience in machining for the medical industry enable us to be optimally prepared for the diverse requirements and applications. Our modern machinery with various robot systems enables efficient machining in the medical sector and fulfils the high requirements of the industry. We also offer an end-to-end process with the highest quality standards, including several reworking options such as blasting the parts with various blasting agents as well as cleaning, assembly and packaging in an ISO Class 7 clean room.

Typical machined medical parts are trial implants / implants in the field of orthopaedics, eyepiece funnels for endoscopy, handles and cutlery for surgery as well as various units made of high-performance plastics that are used in devices or systems. We also manufacture targets and fixation systems made of fibre composites.

All of these applications require high precision in the tolerances and appearance of the medical plastic components. Due to the different machining behaviour of the materials, production is extremely demanding. 

However, EuropTec has many years of experience in the field of medical technology and is therefore the perfect partner for you.

The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries are experiencing constant growth. 

Both biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals produce vital drugs and medicines. As a result, materials and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors are subject to the highest demands, particularly in terms of quality, safety and purity.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, we know our customers' requirements inside out and offer a broad portfolio of services. The manufacture of pharmaceutical systems involves special challenges that can only be met through strict compliance with regulations. EuropTec has many years of experience in this industry sector. Through our company's ISO 13485 certification, validated facilities and qualified processes, as well as an ISO Class 7 clean room, EuropTec offers its customers maximum sowie einen Reinraum, der nach ISO Klasse 7 klassifiziert ist, bietet EuropTec seinen Kunden die maximale Sicherheit.

In laboratory and analysis technology, the components and materials used must fulfil the highest requirements, similar to those in medical technology. A prerequisite for safe use is maximum precision and surface quality. The components are often exposed to extreme conditions, such as high or constantly changing temperatures or aggressive chemicals. In addition, these components are often used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Electrically conductive, antistatic or static dissipative properties can be achieved through modifications.

Our many years of experience in the processing of transparent plastics support us in laboratory and analysis technology. We are able to produce highly transparent components and thus guarantee control of the function or the medium in the application. By polishing the components, a very high surface quality is achieved, which makes it more difficult for residues to adhere and makes cleaning the components easier.

Plastics characterised by the following properties are predominantly used in laboratory and analysis technology: 

  • Very high chemical resistance, 
  • resistance to hydrolysis and sterilisation, 
  • high mechanical strength, 
  • rigidity and dimensional stability as well as 
  • low moisture absorption. 

Thanks to our expertise in this area, we are very familiar with the procurement and machining of these components.

The semiconductor and electronics industry has developed rapidly in recent years, making it one of the fastest growing sectors. The megatrend of digitalization has meant that electronic components have become indispensable parts of our everyday lives. They are used both in industry, for example for sensors or antennas, and in the private sector, such as in smartphones, and are in constant use.

Plastics offer ideal conditions for this. Thanks to their diverse properties, they enable the production of customised and detailed components. Among other things, they are characterised by outstanding insulating properties, high temperature resistance and extremely high resilience. Various reinforcing and filling materials also enable numerous modification options and therefore offer a high degree of flexibility.

We produce plastic and metal components as well as complete assemblies in various dimensions and geometries from a variety of polymers and metals with the help of our large machine park. We have state-of-the-art CNC lathes and milling machines at our disposal. Our production includes both prototypes and series production with tight tolerances and high demands on surface quality.

Our many years of experience in the production of machined plastic and metal turned and milled parts for the semiconductor and electronics industry make EuropTec the ideal partner for CNC parts production in the semiconductor and electronics industry.

In the age of Industry 4.0, manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly intelligent and complex. The production of components and assemblies therefore requires a high level of expertise, flexibility and quality. 

EuropTec has been a competent partner for the development and manufacture of customised products for mechanical engineering for decades. 

Machined parts for mechanical engineering must meet a wide range of requirements (such as temperature resistance, sliding optimisation, impact resistance, etc.). For this reason, a variety of plastics are used, which often have very different machining behaviour due to their different material properties. Complex turned and milled parts made from reinforced or non-reinforced material types can pose major challenges for mechanical and plant engineering. EuropTec has been active in the field of machining machine components for many decades, has extensive expertise and is therefore the ideal partner for your applications.

More and more people are gaining access to industrially produced food. Our plastic parts help to ensure that these foods can be produced and processed in very large quantities according to precise specifications (weight etc.).

In contrast to medicines, people tend to consume food unconsciously, which is why high demands are placed on the component and the plastic material, for example with regard to their compatibility. Rounded edges and high surface requirements are necessary in order to clean the parts effectively. High dimensional stability is also required to ensure precise weight and high quantities. EU 10/2011 and FDA conformity are also required to ensure legal certainty. Strict requirements regarding conformity, migration and traceability must be met, especially for components that come into contact with the product. Depending on the material, specific certificates such as FDA approval for raw materials, compliance with Regulations 1935/2004/EU, 10/2011/EU and 2023/2006/EU on good manufacturing practice (GMP) can be issued for materials and articles that come into contact with food. 

We have many years of experience in this sector and can therefore guarantee our customers customised finished parts.