We deliver high tech in glass

Whether touchscreens for consumer electronics, controls for laboratory and medical equipment or thin glass laminates for the automotive sector: displays made of glass can be found almost everywhere nowadays. But however diverse the requirements, we are able to provide individualised, high quality cover glass. From development to production – for almost every application, technology, form and size we have the perfect solution.

In the automobile sector safety has the highest priority. Glass displays in vehicles must be able to deal with the various light and temperature conditions and always be operable without glare. The safety glass from EuropTec can be cut according to customer specifications in our state-of-the-art cutting procedure and precisely marked. We also offer laser processing and bending of glass as well as lamination with functional films. With our chemical or thermal pre-stressing, we guarantee a high level of breaking resistance. As well as in navigation devices, our glass is also used as covers for centre consoles and virtual cockpits.

Optisches Bonden

In agriculture, displays have to contend with unusually high levels of dust as well as all types of wind and weather. From operating computers in seed drills, cockpits in tractors to touch systems in harvesting technology: the display glass from EuropTec has the necessary robustness for "Smart Farming" and guarantees reliable operations at all times in this often highly complex machine technology.


Digital signage and dynamic information systems require display glass that functions reliably under extreme conditions. The cover glass from EuropTec can be found in stations, airports and tourist establishments, where it defies the different weather conditions and guarantees good operability and legibility even when in constant use. Our glass can also be used in the area of contactless data exchange using RFID technology, for example in the area of electronic ticket inspection.

Digital Signage

Glass displays have been a huge field of application in the area of electronic entertainment systems for a long time. The cover glass from EuropTec is used here both in professional applications in studio technology as well as in hi-fi equipment and TVs and even in slot machines. Our highly transparent displays ensure the best operating quality thanks to low levels of reflection and high contrast. Moreover, our glass can be marked individually according to the customer's requirements.

In the food sector the one thing that matters most is hygiene. Which is why the glass from EuropTec is a particularly sought after material for displays and touch systems in food technology. Our cover glass is extremely easy to clean and can be reliably disinfected. Upon request a special coating can be provided that renders bacterial colonisation on the glass particularly difficult.


Home automation is not just smarter than ever nowadays, but the design of the systems is increasingly demanding. Whether press buttons, control panel, temperature control or door intercom systems – with our innovative processing options we can create glass displays in almost every shape, colour, and design.  Pleasing haptics, reduced light reflection as well as resistance to scratches and breakage are some of the advantages of our touch surfaces in glass.

Home Automation

Whether advertisements in control technology, control devices in engineering, or switch elements for automation: in «Industry 4.0» the glass displays from EuropTec stand out thanks to their robust surfaces, excellent ergonomics and problem-free cleaning. The diversity of our products ranges from mechanical or optical interference anti-reflective displays via preloaded cover glass to individual surface design using the latest technologies. The safety glass from EuropTec protects against aggressive acids or alkaline solutions and even resists extreme temperatures.

Electronic components in ships are exposed to extreme conditions. Sun, wind and salt water in particular create a particularly challenging environment for this area of application. The glass displays from EuropTec are able to meet these high requirements at all times. Whether cover glass for nautical chart displays, mobile fish finders or for navigation: reliability and durability are the hallmark of our products. The diversity of designs ranges from heated and shock-resistant glass to displays with electromagnetic shields.


In medical technology, the material characteristics of glass displays really come to the fore. In addition to optimal operability and legibility, the focus here is on easy cleaning and reliable disinfection. The special glass from EuropTec is particularly efficient in the controls for laboratory and medical devices as well as when it comes to highly precise laboratory scales. Individual features such as imprint or anti-reflective coatings can be realised according to individual customer specifications.

Display Glass Medical

In the case of vending machines, glass is not only the best choice for the presentation of goods. Glass displays also fulfil all the requirements of modern vending for visual communication with customers. From beverage vending machines to the micro-market: the cover glass from EuropTec protects against UV radiation and vandalism and guarantees the optimal operation of the vending machines. Recesses for payment and retrieval systems can be elegantly integrated into the glass design as well.


Slot machines are subject to the most diverse light conditions and at the same time they must be robust, secure and easy to clean. The requirements for the glass surface are exacting:

A brilliant design as well as a reliable touch function are the focal points of this application. Blank or structured glass must deflect the light optimally, have excellent characteristics both haptically and optically and also be sensitive to touch.


Displays for dynamic passenger information, digital timetable information and electronic ticket control are depicted in traffic technology and the transport sector using touch readers (RFID).

Image source: dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh



We deliver installable touch displays

We prepare your display glass including the scope of assembly that you require in an installable version, or we place your design element directly into the respective housing. We support your ideas from the initial concept to implementation. Take advantage of our competences in the full complement of the display glass touch components.

Glass touch elements must work reliably when they are in constant use and in extreme environmental conditions, they must function without fail and always be legible.

We support you when it comes to customer specific solutions. We link Projective Capacitive Touch Sensoren (PCap) with your design screen using lamination. For your specific requirements we offer different, tried and tested lamination techniques, clean room conditions and a 100% check of functionality.

Whereas previously a display screen in front of a display was primarily a protective screen, it now serves a particular function: it is now equipped with multi-touch enabled elements.

Minimising reflection. In order to optimise the displays that you use, the surface reflection must be practically completely eliminated. For this the space between the displace and the front screen and touch unit must be filled with an optical adhesive. Only in this way can the display components be created with outstanding legibility.

Our strength lies in the combination of finishing technology. Depending on the quality and the required function, we develop customised solutions for you and deliver installable display components, fully assembled and ready to be installed in your display. You receive from us display components:

  • With gluing devices provided
  • With all mountings
  • Installed flush with the framework construction
  • With EMV shielding
  • As sectional component parts or complete unit

As the customer you determine the configuration level: from electronic components within the component parts, the glass front, assembly with front frame and clearly defined interfaces up to connection to your system. Everything is possible.