We give technical glass the right finish

The areas where our technical glass is used are extremely diverse: they range from highly complex components for medical technology through robust solutions for industry to design oriented applications for household appliances or sanitary facilities. EuropTec is the perfect supplier for all these applications. Our scope of services includes all standard finishing technologies. Innovative finishing methods, experienced employees and Swiss quality awareness make us one of the internationally most sought after producers of technical glass.

The increasing networking of buildings follows the trend of offering property owners the greatest degree of comfort, security and efficiency possible. Smart Homes are becoming not just more intelligent but also increasingly design oriented. Due to its diversity and advantageous material characteristics, glass is a particularly sought-after material. It is used for plugs, switches, switch frames, control panels, room temperature controllers, door intercoms and smoke detectors and with state-of-the-art processing techniques EuropTec can implement almost all shapes, colours and designs. Our glass combines pleasing haptics with a high level of resistance to scratches and breakages.

In construction and mechanical engineering, the latest technologies and innovative products are highly popular. The special glass from EuropTec meets the high requirements of these sectors and can be implemented in many different ways. For example, as single pane of safety glass for viewing guards or laminated safety glass to protect against dust and dirt, water and steam. Safety glass is also suitable as inspection glass when dealing with aggressive acids or alkaline solutions and for the area of explosives. For operating elements or input panels in indoor and outdoor applications, mechanical or optical interference anti-reflective glass from EuropTec is the optimal solution.

Components for laboratory and medical equipment require the highest precision and uncompromising quality. The qualities of glass really come to the fore here. Thanks to a surface that is particularly easy to clean, its robustness and its resistance to chemicals, this material is ideal for use in medical technology.  EuropTec develops and manufactures customer specific glass solutions that are used in the most diverse medical areas. Our special glass is particularly effective in diagnostics and laboratory technology. In production, continuous process validation is as much a sine qua non for us as consistent quality management.

Bathrooms and sanitary facilities have been transformed in recent years from simple functional areas to spaces that are technically and aesthetically sophisticated. Technical glass in this area of application not only has tangible, practical advantages, it also offers a multitude of different design options. EuropTec manufactures individual products according to customer requirements – from modern glass shelves to design oriented fittings, washbasin countertops and WC push plates. With our innovative processing options, we can create glass components in almost any shape, colour and design.

Image: ©Geberit